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What is it?

Sphero is a remote-controlled robot ball that can be controlled using any device with the Sphero app. It can also be used as a remote for arcade games, to create augmented reality using the AR app, to play memory games and "hot potato", and to practice programming as you give directions to the robot.


How do you use it?

  • You have to be using a device with corresponding apps: (There is an iPad in the library with the apps pre-loaded, or you can download them onto your own device.)

    • Sphero - Drive the Sphero, complete missions, and do tricks

    • Sphero Draw & Drive - You draw it; Sphero drives it!

    • Sphero Chromo - For playing games with the Sphero

    • Sphero Golf - You draw the hole and then guide Sphero toward it. 

    • Sharky the Beaver - The augmented reality (AR) app that uses Sphero to control Sharky the Beaver, who appears to interact with the real world. 

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