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♦ All students must have a pass and an assignment from a classroom teacher when using the library during the school day unless it's before/after school or during your lunch period. There are no study halls for open library time. 

♦All students using the library must sign in when entering the library and sign out when leaving. Make sure to have your pass signed.

♦Books (print and digital) can be checked out for 14 days (2 weeks) and renewed if needed. 

♦Digital magazines can be checked out indefinitely.

♦ Students will lose internet, Google and iPad privileges for ignoring late notices and not returning materials. Late notices are emailed and sent to homeroom teachers once per week. Report cards will be held for fines which will be assessed if materials are lost or not returned. Fines will equal the cost of replacing the lost materials. No new materials will be checked out until all fines are paid. 

♦Computers can be used to complete an assignment. All school policies apply to student computer usage. Students must sign in to their own accounts. 

♦Best behavior is expected. You will be sent back to class or to the dean’s office for disrupting others, wasting time, or misusing materials or computers. All school policies apply in the library.

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