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Catalog & INFOhio iSearch
Use iSearch to search the library's catalog and all of INFOhio in a single search. Find print books, ebooks, audiobooks, articles, and more. MAKE SURE TO LOGIN USING TCTC USERNAME & PASSWORD.
Full-text information from more than 6,000 magazines, journals, and newspapers. Includes e-books, biographies, radio and TV transcripts, geographic information, primary sources, images, maps, and more.
Opposing Viewpoints, Student Resources in Context, and Virtual Reference Library
Issues & Controversies
A great resource for investigating both sides of current issues.
Vocational Biographies
With this database, you can read the job stories of people in various occupations across America.
Teen Health & Wellness
This resource provides information and self-help support related to diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition, mental health, suicide, bullying, green living, financial literacy, digital literacy, and more.
-American Government
-Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society
-Pop Culture Universe: Icons, Idols, Ideas
-World History: The Modern Era
School Shelf
Includes resources on academics, life skills, safety & bullying, college prep, career planning, and more.
Noodle Tools
Citation tool and so much more
RB Digital
eBooks, audiobooks, & magazines
ebooks and audiobooks you can download to your own device
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Apps for Library Resources 

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Book Series


What to Read Next (If you liked this book, then you should try this book.)


Book Talks and Trailers


Book Reviews


Award Lists


Suggest a Book

  • Is there a book you think the library should have? Suggest it to Mrs. Henning here


Donate a Book Through Friends of The School Library

  • Donate a book to the library in honor of or in memory of a loved one. A bookplate will be placed in the front of the book indicating the person being recognized, the book donor, and the purpose of the donation. You can find more information and access the donation form here



The Free Web
Don't just "Google it" when conducting research. Try out the sites below that are designed with the academic and conscientious researcher in mind (and that should be you!). Be sure to always evaluate the quality of the resources you find and to cite them appropriately. 



  • 100 Search Engines for Academic Research - Links to databases, archives, books, journals, and subject-specific search engines as well as general search engines to cover all of your researching needs. (From te@chthought)



  • You're going to Google it anyway, aren't you? Well at least utilize this guide to do so more effectively. It incudes many tips, tricks, and ideas on how to be a more efficient "Google-er." 

Tools for completing the research process
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