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User guides and help pages for using the equipment

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Direct-to-Garment Printer
Print directly onto cotton t-shirts, apparel, tote bags and other products in minutes!
UV Printer
Use the Roland LEF-20 UV Printer to print in full color plus white and/or gloss on a variety of objects, including acrylic, wood, canvas, and more.
Laser Engraver
Engrave and cut a wide variety of materials, including wood, glass, plastics, and acrylics.
Vinyl Printer/Cutter
Used for printing things like stickers, clings, wraps, graphics, and decals.
Small-Volume 3D Printer
For printing your smaller items and prototypes
Large-Volume 3D Printer
For printing larger items and prototypes
3D Scanner
Scan any object to make a 3D file of it to use, edit, and/or print
CNC Mill
Subtractive rapid prototyping to mill ("carve") materials to create 3D objects
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Other Items

User guides and help pages for makerspace resources

MakerBot 3D Printer
Table Top Robot
Makeblock Robot
Doodling Bot
Sunfounder Electronics Kit
Green Screen
LED Crafts
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